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  • 01 Jun 2023 12:21 | JHRS (Administrator)

    TOKYO -- Some 70% of recruiting staff at private firms in Japan said the desire to hire a candidate would not be affected by the fact they used the ChatGPT chatbot to create their resumes, coversheets and other materials for the screening process, a staffing agency announced on May 25.


  • 28 May 2023 23:34 | JHRS (Administrator)

    Tokyo, May 26 (Jiji Press)--The proportion of people in Japan who graduated from universities in March and secured jobs as of April 1 came to 97.3 pct, up 1.5 percentage points from a year before, a survey by the labor and education ministries showed Friday.

    The job-securing ratio marked the first increase in three years and nearly reached pre-pandemic levels as the economy recovered from the pandemic. The ratio was at a record high of 98.0 pct in 2018 and 2020.


  • 28 May 2023 23:28 | JHRS (Administrator)

    Companies will be obligated to provide information about possible transfers and changes in workload when they advertise job vacancies starting from April next year.

    The new rules are listed in the labor ministry’s proposed bill to revise a ministerial ordinance to prevent new hires from resigning over abrupt and unwanted transfers or unexpected tasks.


  • 28 May 2023 23:09 | JHRS (Administrator)

    TOKYO – Japan’s inflation-adjusted real wages fell the most in eight years in the fiscal 2022 year, government data showed on Tuesday, as the rising cost of living overwhelmed workers’ nominal pay, government data showed on Tuesday.

    The labor ministry data underscored the challenge for Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s government to kick the world’s third largest economy into higher gear through a virtuous cycle of inflation and wage growth.


  • 16 May 2023 00:23 | JHRS (Administrator)

    Japan’s real wages fell 2.9 percent in March from a year earlier, declining for the 12th straight month, affected by rising inflation that led to households tightening their purse strings, government data showed Tuesday.

    The drop in inflation-adjusted wages comes as higher food, energy and other prices impacted by Russia’s war in Ukraine have outpaced pay hikes. The government of Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has called on businesses to raise wages in line with inflation and help sustain the economy.


  • 15 May 2023 01:02 | JHRS (Administrator)

    Many older single women in Japan are struggling to make ends meet in their low-paid, nonregular jobs and are trapped in casual employment in a country with a persistently wide gender gap.

    These women are one of the most neglected demographic groups in the nation’s social security system, which is designed to best serve traditional families where the husband works full time and the wife stays at home and cares for the children.


  • 15 May 2023 00:44 | JHRS (Administrator)

    Many foreign university students who are set to graduate in March 2024 want to stay in Japan and have begun looking for a job but are finding it difficult due to many barriers. 

    The government is aiming to have more foreign students find a job and settle in Japan, too, but there are many challenges.


  • 15 May 2023 00:41 | JHRS (Administrator)

    In Japan, part-time and temporary workers account for nearly 40% of the workforce but have historically been ignored by the country’s trade unions. This spring, 16 unions came together to demand a collective wage increase for nonregular workers.


  • 27 Apr 2023 22:12 | JHRS (Administrator)

    TOKYO- Japan's immigration authorities on Monday proposed expanding the scope of a blue-collar skilled workers visa that effectively allows holders to stay in the country indefinitely in a possible major shift in its foreign labor policy.

    The move comes in response to calls from the business community seeking to secure human resources amid an ongoing labor shortage and will increase the number of sectors that can be upgraded to the Specified Skilled Worker No. 2 status from two to 11.


  • 27 Apr 2023 22:10 | JHRS (Administrator)

    The results of a survey on labor unions, conducted by the Japanese Trade Union Confederation (Rengō) in late October 2022, shows that working people in Japan do not view labor unions as organizations that can help them. The online survey was based on 2,000 valid responses from individuals aged 15 or older nationwide.


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