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  • 29 Oct 2011 01:37 | JHRS (Administrator)
    "As a young teenager arriving in US (east coast with no other Japanese student at school) for the first time in early 70s I often experienced racial discrimination and bullying. Since my English was very limited at that time there were very few options for me to deal with. However, the spirit and thoughts of Yamato Damashi (learned while growing up in Japan) helped me to be strong and focus on things that would be productive in building my future. As a result I excelled in school and I am here today. So it will probably depends on the person and how it means to individual's circumstances." -- Posted on behalf of Kyoto Kent [Bilingual Workforce in Japan @ LinkedIn]
  • 14 Oct 2011 22:01 | JHRS (Administrator)
    "Yamato Damashi is not a concept neither is any ideological slogan of supremacists. It used to be a part of our being and has been passed on to us since the mythical age which goes beyond the known history of this land ( 2600 + years ). It is the spirit shared by not only Japanese but also all of those who serve the divine purpose in our lives. Yamato Damashi is not the proprietary gift for Japanese however, we have responsibility to keep it alive for the rest of the world. Those of you, Japanese and foreigners alike, who have only partial knowledge and very little insight on the truth of the matter should not be openly using this word. By the way, majority of educated but have little or no culture tend to isolate certain events and incidents in a war and criticize them as a horrible crime. But, a war itself is the crime against humanity. Those shallow minded intellects around the world have totally missed the point. The growth and advancement of a nation is NOT about gaining power (economical & political power ) in the world, it is about carrying the burden of love for humanity and accept her responsibilities to serve others. The true Yamato Damashi can be found only in such nation and among people who live such life. We ought to examine ourselves." -- Posted in behalf of James [Bilingual Workforce in Japan @ LinkedIn]
  • 06 Oct 2011 22:03 | JHRS (Administrator)
    "The word was originally a rather neutral one, found also in the Genji Monogatari. It was used originally to contrast native Japanese from imported Chinese ideas and concepts. That changed in the middle of the Edo period and further darkened by militarists in the Meiji and Showa Era. It certainly is true that the word has a tarnished image and not used much because of that. However, that does not mean that the word is intrinsically bad - as a certain N word in English might be - and can be redeemed if used in a positive manner to define the positive traits of Japanese in general." -- Posted on behalf of Bruce [Bilingual Workforce in Japan @ LinkedIn]
  • 05 Oct 2011 22:31 | JHRS (Administrator)
    "I love the pictures of both Samurai and modern Japanese man and the content is quite inspirational.  Congratulations on publishing this great magazine." -- Posted on behalf of Kyoko S.

  • 05 Oct 2011 22:26 | JHRS (Administrator)
    "Majority of Japanese of today, not to mention any mass media, have no idea what it really means and what it entails. That is why I said in my last comment that it is nothing more than a bad joke for them to use the word. It is not something that can be logically explained neither can be comprehended intellectually. It is something that is not just in Japanese but particularly in Japanese, must be awaken to truly know it. Yamato in original meaning of ancient Hebrew is the people / servant of Yahweh. Yamato Damashi is the mind of men united with the mind of Yahweh through the Spirit of Yahweh. Possessing such mind and attitude has been the symbol of Yamato = Japanese people. I am not going into the details as to what it entails however, the characteristics of Yamato Damashi has seriously diminished among people in general as the world as we know it falls apart and crumbles before our very eyes, and the Way of Yamato no longer means anything to most of us. But, I also know that there are remnants of Yamato still in the world. We may have a hope yet." -- Posted on behalf of James [Bilingual Workforce in Japan @ LinkedIn]
  • 05 Oct 2011 20:28 | JHRS (Administrator)
    "Yamato Spirit has been one of the most misunderstood, misused and misguided word among both Japanese and foreigners alike for quite some time since meiji era. Unfortunately, the word even symbolized the courage of Japanese soldiers during the past world wars. In today's modern society of Japan, you will be considered as one of the right wing freaks or nationalists if you even use the word. Bringing Yamato Spirit into the world of business with little or no understanding of its true nature and the meaning is not just a bad idea, it is a dangerous proposition. It is like one of American Government's long used propaganda "Nuke for Peace" (peaceful use of nuclear power). Majority of leaders of Japan, like former Prime Minister Nakasone, were naive and stupid enough to have bought it.

    "Nuke for Peace" or "Yamato Spirit" for Japan's new global spirit", it is as empty as it is dangerous. Worse yet, there were at least well thought out strategies and tactics behind "Nuke for Peace", but there is nothing, no substance behind this "Yamato Spirit" spoken by consultants and executives alike. I say it is bad joke at best." -- Posted on behalf of James [Bilingual Workforce in Japan @ LinkedIn]

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