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What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Hilda Rosca Narte

Is Your Practice LGBTQ-Friendly? How to Create a Welcoming Space

Japan’s ultra-modern, superfast-moving urban culture seems like the perfect backdrop for relationships that defy conventions and views that can be seen as transgressive. But in the midst of loud and proud pride marches and unfurled rainbow flags, the sobering news is this: a lot of work still needs to be done.

Look past the colorful banners, and you will still see reports of discriminations in various forms, from government
officials sending messages that hurt the LGBTQ community, to company cultures that may open minorities to
discrimination, to confidence- and career-killing whispers in office cubicles.

The good news is in the flipside.

Look past the blocks and you’ll see: there are now progressive policies and ordinances that serve the LGBTQ population, organizations are making slow but sure strides toward more inclusion, and there is more awareness all around. So the flags continue to get unfurled, the marches remain steadfast.

And as much work there is that needs to be done, so are there a lot of people and organizations also ready to LGBTQ policies and cultures hinder business progress; inclusive and diverse workplaces are more profitable.

We’re proud that this issue of The HR Agenda documents the ongoing work of building more LGBTQ-friendly, positive, progressive workspaces:

Have an enlightening and empowering read!



Hilda Rosca Nartea is editor in chief of The HR AgendaShe heads the content team of a Dubai-based digital agency and is also a content producer for non-profit organizations, having done projects for the United Nations Development Programme under the Philippine Department of Energy. She studied Film and Audio-Visual Communications at the University of the Philippines.


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