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The Japan HR Society (JHRS) is pleased to officially endorse the two new credentials developed by its alliance partner, HR Certification Institute (HRCI), for its members and other Japan-focused HR professionals worldwide as follows:

Professional in Human Resource Management - International (PHRi) (formerly known as HR Business Partner or HRBP)- credential demonstrates mastery of generally accepted technical and operational HR principles.

Senior Professional in Human Resource Management - International (SPHRi) (formerly known as HR Management Professional or HRMP)- credential demonstrates mastery of generally accepted HR principles in strategy and policy development as well as service delivery.

These credentials were developed by HRCI to validate core human resource knowledge and skills and mastery of generally accepted principles, independent of geographic region. Through demonstrated knowledge, the credentials enhance the credibility of HR professionals and the organizations they serve.

Executive Director, HR Certification Institute (HRCI)

Chief Community Officer, The Japan HR Society (JHRS)      
Dean & Academic Director, The JHRS Academy

The JHRS-HRCI Alliance: Bringing HR Certification to Japan

The Japan HR Society (JHRS) renewed its institutional partnership and alliance with the HR Certification Institute (HRCI), an internationally recognized credentialing body for the HR profession, with over 150,000 HR professionals certified to date, to continue bringing a globally-recognized HR credentialing system to Japan.

The JHRS-HRCI alliance is part of a series of global alliances that HRCI is undertaking aims to establish the parameters for collaboration in the area of continuing HR education and certification for Japan-focused HR professionals. Read the complete press release.

Pilot Exam Statistics
Prior to the launching of these two HR credentials from HRCI, pilot exams were administered in 67 locations across 49 countries.  Pilot exam participants consisted of both HR Generalists and Specialists representing 20 unique industries.  More than 500 HR professionals were the first to achieve the new designations, five (5) of them are JHRS members. (Click here for the press release.) 

Totals by credential were HRBPs (now PHRi) was 229 and HRMPs (now SPHRi) was 344.  The overall pass rate for the exam was 60% for HRBP (now PHRi) and 63% for HRMP (now SPHRi).

Sample Certificates

Professional in Human Resource Management - International

Senior Professional in Human Resource Management - International (SPHRi)

How to Get Certified

STEP 1: Become a JHRS Professional Member so that you can avail of reduced exam fees and/or preparatory/mandatory seminars/courses needed for the certification. You will also have full access to tons of HR resources that may be helpful to you to prepare for the exam and your HR profession as well and other value-adding and exclusive benefits. See Full List of JHRS Professional Membership Benefits here.

Complete application and payment Apply to take the PHRi/SPHRi certification exam by CLICKING HERE.

Please be sure that you have the information necessary to complete the application BEFORE you begin. The application form requires current contact information, education and employment history. You must complete all required fields. Once this information is complete, you will need to submit payment (only Visa, MasterCard or American Express accepted for payment). Only completed and paid applications can be processed.

Follow on-screen instructions and towards the end of the registration process, choose "JHRS" in the drop-down menu (your membership will be confirmed with JHRS later on) to avail of reduced exam fees.

Please be aware that the application must be completed in one session. You will not be able to save and return to the application once you have started. If you close your browser while taking the application, you will need to start over again. Please be sure to have all employer information ready before you begin the application.

Exam Fees

  Reduced Fees for JHRS Professional Members Regular Fees for Non-JHRS Professional Members
$250 USD / JPY30,000
Forex: USD 1 = JPY 120
$275 USD / JPY33,000
Forex: USD 1 = JPY 120
$350 USD / JPY42,000
Forex: USD 1 = JPY 120
$375 USD / JPY45,000
Forex: USD 1 = JPY 120
*All prices include USD75 non-refundable application fee.

STEP 3: Complete Credential Readiness Assessment (CRA)
The Credential Readiness Assessment (CRA) is a self-reported, online pre-assessment developed to assess your professional readiness for the selected credential. The CRA is a combination of multiple-choice questions and proficiency statements used to test in each topic area (domain). These assessment results provide details on the topic areas where you should focus your study efforts to improve your chances of success on the exam.

STEP 4: Select testing period
HRCI has recently introduced a year-round testing period. Please choose the schedule that fits most to your own schedule.

STEP 5: Receive Authorization to Test (ATT) Letter
The authorization to test (ATT) letter is the official notification from the Institute that you have met all eligibility requirements and can now register for the exam. You should receive an email with your ATT letter within five business days after selecting a testing period.

STEP 6: Schedule Exam
Exams are administered through our exam partner Prometric. Prometric operates a network of 10,000 test centers in 160 countries. After receiving your ATT letter, to schedule an exam, please go to and click schedule an exam. We encourage you to schedule your exams early in the testing window, as demand increases near the end of the window.

STEP 7: Prepare for the Exam
You can check out Certification Preparation Materials at offers updated PHRi or SPHRi preparation materials that you can buy to help you prepare for the exam. Your purchase comes with it a free online tests to help you gauge your preparedness to take the exam. 

STEP 8: Take Exam
On exam day, bring an official government issued identification (example: Passport).

STEP 9: Receive Results
Official results will be sent within approximately 8 weeks after taking the exam. Successful candidates will receive their credentials at this time as well. Hopefully, you'll pass and become one of the few HRCI-certified PHRi/SPHRi professionals in Japan and in the world!!!

If you have all the necessary information, and are ready to apply, please proceed to the PHRi or SPHRi application form.

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About HRCI

The HR Certification Institute, established in 1976, is an internationally recognized, independent certifying organization for the human resource profession, with over 150,000 HR professionals certified to date.

HRCI is the global leader in developing rigorous exams to demonstrate mastery and real-world application of forward-thinking HR practices, policies and principles.  

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