About eCornell

eCornell - Serving the Global Demand for Expertise from Cornell University.

Established in 2000 and wholly-owned by Cornell University, eCornell serves the global demand for expertise from Cornell with exceptional online learning experiences tailored for professional and executive development.

Faculty from Cornell colleges and units team with eCornell's learning and user-experience designers to create rigorous and engaging courses. This results in the most comprehensive online curriculum offered by any top-20 university in the United States.

A catalog of over 95 courses and 24 certificate programs offers study in areas of leadership and management development, strategy, human resources, financial management, and hospitality management. 

eCornell is committed to meeting the strategic learning and development goals for individual learners and multi-faceted organizations through socially networked learning experiences. Reaching geographically dispersed audiences, eCornell's community of over 25,000 students hails from over 180 countries - empowering change in the world, one person at a time.

See a demonstration of the power and convenience of line learning from the JHRS eACADEMY--powered by eCornell by clicking below images:

The eCornell Approach:                        Connected. Powerful. Convenient


Learning happens through interaction and collaboration–a dynamic, creative process that involves the exchange of ideas, not simply the accumulation of facts. In eCornell courses you interact with an expert instructor and a cohort of your peers to collectively develop knowledge, and to effectively apply that knowledge in your organization.  

You are also connected to the knowledge and resources of Cornell University, a leading global research university. eCornell courses offer embedded "Ask the Expert" interviews with Cornell faculty, online access to library reference guides, and additional professional and executive education opportunities at Cornell.


eCornell courses are authored and designed with one or more Cornell faculty member, using the most current and relevant case studies, research, and content.

Our patent-pending approach to problem-based learning means that you are building knowledge and skills using online case studies, interactive exercises, and simulations based on authentic, relevant, and "real-world" situations.

Certificates from Cornell University, CEU credits, and other industry-specific re-certification credits ensure that eCornell professional and executive education courses will enhance your career.


eCornell courses provide the convenience of structure and flexibility with new course sections starting every month, round-the-clock/round-the-world access to course materials, online and telephone customer support, and dedicated online instructors.

Cornell Faculty Authors

Cornell's diverse and talented faculty are an integral part of the eCornell experience. All of our courses are authored by faculty in close collaboration with our team of learning and user-experience professionals. Many faculty members also participate in live web conferences with eCornell students. Still more travel to our corporate clients to deliver seminars as part of a blended learning approach.

eCornell Capabilities

eCornell's tools and capabilities enable ...
  • Extended reach and access
  • Scalable socially-networked learning experiences
  • Accelerated development of simulations and other interactive content

eCornell's tools and capabilities ensure ...

  • Consistent course quality and outcomes
  • Lower-than-industry-average course production costs

eCornell's Structured Flexibility model provides:

  • The structure and rigor of a well defined schedule with clearly-communicated milestones and criteria for completion
  • The flexibility of allowing learners to choose when and where they learn
  • The motivation that comes from participating in a cohort of students with an instructor reinforcing the learning and coaching them to completion

The eCornell Curricula

The best learning and instruction comes from an established and authoritative source. eCornell partners with Cornell University's leading schools to develop online corporate management training modules that deliver compelling, high-quality learning and professional development.

eCornell offers deep, rich curriculum through courses authored by Ivy League faculty and subject matter experts at the top of their fields. Browse the eCornell catalog and see how our courses and certificates can help you boost your career.

Download eCornell brochure here.
Download eCornell program presentation deck here.


eCornell Certificate Programs

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