The JHRS Roundtable Discussion on Professionalizing HR in Japan: Needs, Challenges, & Opportunities

  • 15 Oct 2009
  • 18:30 - 20:29
  • Nikko Asset Management Boardroom, 42F Midtown Tower, Roppongi (


  • Dana Gallagher, former Special Advisor to the CEO on HR Matters at Nikko Asset Management and currently the Dean and Academic Director of The JHRS Academy; and,
  • Jun Kabigting, Chief Community Officer, The Japan HR Society


The Japan HR Society (JHRS) is currently conducting The JHRS Academy Survey amongst HR professionals in Japan. This survey primarily aims to solicit inputs from HR practitioners in order to assess the need and the focus for The JHRS Academy so that it can effectively function as the HR certification and continuing HR education and training arm of JHRS.

Although the survey itself is still on-going, we have already received a good number of respondents since it was launched last September 7 and hence, we would like to take these initial survey results to the next level of our research and analysis.

In this regard,  this round table is the first of a series of round table discussions that we will be doing not only to validate the results of the survey but also to get additional guidance and support from HR practitioners especially in the areas of developing a Japan-focused HR credentialing system and providing continuing HR education to the profession.


Specifically, the facilitators wish to hear from panelists, as HR Leaders, about :

1) their reactions to the initial survey results that will be briefly presented to them during the session;

2) validate those survey results if they approximate the current reality; and

3) solicit other inputs, suggestions, comments, or guidance that would help us establish an HR Academy that truly meets the needs of individuals and organizations, while simultaneously advancing HR as a profession in Japan.


This Rountable is primarily designed for Heads of HR or Chief HR Officers (CHO) of foreign-affiliated companies headquartered in the US or Europe and with significant presence in Japan.

If you are interested in participating in this discussion, please send us an email at We will only respond to those deemed qualified to participate in this Roundtable.

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