Workshop Series on Applying Positive Psychology to Management (Session 3)

  • 22 Jan 2010
  • 18:00 - 21:59
  • Hitotsubashi University ICS, National Center of Sciences, Jimbocho, Floor 6, Rm. 601

Subordinates are like plants: if you get the conditions just right, they will usually flourish. So what are those conditions?  This workshop series will answer this question by drawing on the latest research in positive psychology on engagement, meaning, and resilience. 

In this workshop series, Prof. Tish Robinson, PhD, Hitotsubashi University have joined forces with several positive psychology researchers at the University of Pennsylvania’s Center for Positive Psychology working with Professor Martin Seligman, to focus on three skill sets necessary for managers to maximize their own and their employees’ effectiveness and satisfaction: 1) Creating meaning through matching employee strengths to the tasks at hand; 2) Engagement; and, 3) Resilience.

Third Session: Increasing Self Efficacy & Motivation.
Activities that create self efficacy and motivation in work needn’t be warm and fuzzy, or even without mistakes. 

For example, you can be hungry and tired near the end of a challenging project, but be fully absorbed at the time and look back on the experience with pleasure and satisfaction.  Or you can enter the flow of challenging creative endeavors, by expecting and embracing mistakes. 

The most engaging activities are neither so difficult that we’re overwhelmed, nor so easy that we can do them without paying much attention.  Mihalyi Csikszentmihalyi’s research found that people felt happier, stronger, more creative, and more engaged and satisfied when engaged in activities involving challenge, skill and focus. 

This session will focus on intrinsic motivation and provide experiential exercises to apply the research of Deci and Ryan to our own motivation and self-efficacy.

For more information and details about this workshop series as well as registration procedure, download the flier here.

Note: Registration to this event should be made directly to Prof. Tish Robinson's email found in the flier/brochure.

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